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Personality for your brand, comfort and style for those who use it

We have been specialists in sports fashion and fitness lines for over 21 years. We look to international collections and each season's fashion trends for inspiration to create exclusive, comfortable and contemporary pieces.

Our focus is Private Label, we contribute to building strong brands, with coherent collections that make sense for your company and your client. Through personalized service and a collaborative process, we guarantee a more exclusive product that is closer to the consumer's interests.


We make life easier for brands and companies through consulting and personalized services, ensuring more practicality in creating collections, efficiency and quality in the final product..

Through increasing investment in new technologies, technical specializations and delivery optimization, we aim to become a reference in Latin America in Private Label Fitness..

Research and Development

Valuing the constant evolution of our projects, our team takes annual trips to Europe and the United States, absorbing new cultural movements in the sector, as well as participating in conferences, festivals, parades and fairs..

Where do we look for qualified information to create collections?

Fashion bureaux | National and international markets | International fairs and events | Raw material suppliers | Industry professionals

Imagem com um conjunto de produtos rosa maria com cor azul, marrom e preto
Imagem com um conjunto de produtos rosa maria com cor rosa e roxo

Production, Quality and Logistics

Much of our production takes place at the Brusque - SC unit, under strict quality control, including international EQL indices monitored so that the process is controlled, competitive and guaranteed..

Not only us, but also our business partners and subcontractors are approved and certified by Abvtex, thus ensuring compliance with all legislation in force in the country, in addition to social commitment for a fairer society.

Imagem com um conjunto de produtos rosa maria com cor laranja, marrom e azul

Technologic solutions

We offer raw materials with cutting-edge technology, software and modern equipment to transform your brand or business into leaders in the segment.